5 Reasons Your AC is Dripping Out Water

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Are you thinking why your AC is leaking water?

Air conditioners are more than a straightforward household appliance, it’s something that lots of us couldn’t suppose living life without. This is particularly true in the mid of the summer, when weather can become quite hot and you suddenly find that you’re spending as much of time indoor as you can possibly.
Having an AC that is frequently operational during this time could be of advantage, but there also are a few issues that might take place too. One among those problems is when your air conditioner is dripping water.
As it’s such a common issue to have water dripping from an AC unit, it’s the aim of this blog to recognize the reasons why they happen and to provide some solutions which can get the unit up and operational back again.
Air Leak from Vents
One among the more popular reasons why water might be dripping from Air Conditioner is because there’s an air leakage from somewhere around area of the vents. This is a quite common issue and it’s fairly simple to diagnose and fix. Simply, you have to inspect the system carefully to see whether there is some air coming from any place other than grates themselves. If this is the case, then you can buy something to seal out the leakages and the issue must be solved.
Filter is Blocking
Next reason why you might be facing dripping water from your air conditioner unit is due to the air filter. Air filter isn’t necessarily making it to drip however if filter is dirty, then it isn’t getting the right airflow and AC unit might be freezing to a certain level. When the AC shuts down, either as it’s turned off or as your room has reached desired temperature, frost melts from air conditioner and the dripping starts. This also is a simple issue both to diagnose and to fix. Check out the air filters on periodic basis and ensure that it’s clean. After replacing or cleaning the filter, the issue should stop.
Leak in The Refrigerant
It’s a more serious issue and is one that needs the help of an expert like AC Repair Fountain Hills. When a refrigerant leakage exists, vents are probably to leak water. The reason why it’s the case is the AC unit needs sufficient refrigerant levels in order that humidity could be removed from inside of the house. When the water tends to be removed from the house and it remains on the coil, then it could freeze and eventually, result in dripping. Contact an expert if this is the problem.
Condensation Line is Blocked
There’s a drain line which enables water which has collected to flow from an area without dripping in the house. If you look in the condenser system and drip pan is filled with water and overflowing, it is likely the issue. If you see rust in the region, it is a very serious issue potentially. You should unclog the drains to allow water to flow from the area.
A Frozen AC Coil
There might be times when evaporator coil can freeze over and it makes the whole system to shut off. When the ice will melt, it will eventually lead to an issue with dripping water. It’s a problem that must be assessed as well as corrected by a professional AC technician.
They are the most popular reasons why water might be dripping from your air conditioner. If you’re able to recognize the problem, you can frequently correct it or know the steps needed to have it fixed for you.


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