How To clean Your Shower Tiles Grout?

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TV ads make cleaning your house look so simple, don’t they? Simply spritz on this magical formula, and in a few seconds your bathroom will be sparkling clean!
One of the most difficult things to clean out in your bathroom is tiles—mainly, the grout between the tiles. Grout stains are quite easy and it is porous, means it is simple for dirt and many other gunk to easily get trapped deep inside.
In a humid, warm environment, grout can become a great harbour for bacteria and mold. Good thing the showers are humid and warm environments!
Cleaning bathroom tiles, mainly those in shower, is vital so that you can avoid health problems linked with mold growth and biofilm.
To avoid big issues with tiles grout call Plumber Fountain Hills. Below are some ways to keep your shower tiles neat and clean:

Preventing all shower tile problems

Of course, you will always need to clean the tiles—there is no way out there to get around it. But there are a few preventative measures which can make the work simpler for you.

  • Ventilate: After shower, ensure to run the bathroom’s fan, and open your bathroom door. Mold thrives in humid environment, so make sure to let the bathroom air out.
  • Seal grout: You will want to seal grout so as to block debris and mildew from penetrating in the surface. The grout sealers can easily be found at home improvement shops, and are accessible in roll-on and spray varieties. Ensure to follow package instructions cautiously.
  • Wipe your tiles: Get in the habits of wiping your tiles down after every shower, with a squeegee or a towel. Removing excess water from surface of tiles will prevent some of it at least from soaking in the grout.
Utilizing commercial cleaning product for grout

There is no shortage of commercial products intended to clean the shower. Just ensure that cleaners are made for grout only and don’t contain acids like citric acid or vinegar. These can eat at grout and also cause more issues than you began with!
Also be alert that because something is sold out in any supermarket does not mean that it cannot cause issues. Commercially available products release irritating fumes often that might cause respiratory problems or headaches for you. Be sure that the bathroom is ventilated well while you clean it, or try any natural cleaner .

Using DIY natural cleaner for grout

There actually are several benefits to using the natural cleaning solutions like they are better for health as they do not include mystery chemical, they can assist protect environment, and in maximum cases they are cheaper than the commercial products.
In most of the cases you will want to get nylon-bristled scrubbing brushes. Get ready to put on some elbow grease so as to get the grout looking like a new one!
Here are a few natural grout cleaning options:

  • Hot water and good scrubbing: At times, this is the most excellent way to get a few stains up. Utilize a nylon brush and possibly a bit of dishwashing soap if required.
  • Water and baking soda: Add sufficient water to soda to make paste. Apply to tough stains particularly and let it sit overnight, rinse using hot water.
  • Oxygenated bleach: It’s non-toxic bleach accessible in lots of stores. Mix it with water as per package directions and then scrub on the grout. After 5 minutes, scrub off and rinse using hot water.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and Baking soda: Blend ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide and ¾ cup of baking soda, and add squirt of dishwashing soap. Use a nylon brush to quickly scrub the solution on the grout. After some minutes, rinse off using hot water.


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