How To Prevent Winter Pipe Damages?

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Prevent winter pipe damages when you are away this winter season! With the holiday season approaching now, families will be surely traveling across the world to spend holidays with their dear ones. If you are also traveling this year, then you probably have gone through many security measures to guarantee the well-being and safety of your house while you’re away. Security systems in place-check. The backup generator if your house loses power-check. Carbon monoxide and Smoke detectors are working appropriately, and neighbors on watch out for anything wary. What could you be missing possibly?
Like rest of your house, your pipes must be considered and protected both when you are away from your house for any extended time period. Damages from freezing temperatures, corrosion, or blockages can cause your whole piping system to fail or malfunction. Pipe damages can cause huge problems in the house, especially if it happens while you are away and it simply goes unnoticed—until any toilet overflows or pipe bursts. To avoid coming back home to costly flood damage or repairs and to extend the longevity of your systems, there are some methods to protect the pipes when you are traveling.

Prevent Outdoor Damages

The pipes lead inside and outside your home, so suitable preventative steps must be performed in every area. Below are some things to do outdoors that can guarantee the wellbeing of drain and sewer systems:

  • All the outdoor hoses must be disconnected; as stagnant water lying in a hose potentially can freeze into the pipe back itself. Freezing pipes tends to be at risks of bursting, and that not just damages your pipes however can cause water damages or mold in flooding areas.
  • Tree and shrubbery must be maintained, particularly if you wish to be traveling out for a long time. Roots are one among the key causes of pipe damages; it can easily wrap around the pipes and can break through and even grow into them. So, landscaping should be put above utility pipes.
  • Gutter drainages should be managed as well; if heavy snow or rain occurs while you are away and the gutters are draining in one particular spot, freezing or flooding can take place.
Prevent Indoor Damages

Indoor prevention of the pipe damages is of the most importance thing as it can lead to most damages. If a break or blockage occurs inside your home, damages can be dangerous, and repairs can be expensive. Garage or basements temperatures can drop lower than outdoors.
Below are the steps you could take to avoid pipe damages inside your house:

  • Know the location of shut off valve. If it’s probable to shut off the main water supply when you’re away, it’s good to do this. If not, you could shut off valve to most common appliances or areas in your house.
  • Pipes could be insulated to avoid bursting. This is mainly beneficial for those situated in cooler areas such as a garage, crawlspace or basement. Because you will probably leave heat on at lower temperature when you’re away, these areas will even be at more risk to freezing temperature.
  • Check the supply lines prior to you leave. They could grow brittle with their age, or leaky because of wear and tear. In case there are any sign of damages, they should be immediately replaced.
  • If you’ve a sump pump, then it must be checked prior to you go. You can test the one at your home by filling its pit with water as well as making sure it is working as it must to pump it outside. Ensure that its cord and plug are in great shape, and the breaker is working properly as well, if not then reach Plumber Fountain Hills soon.
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